The Cost of Dental Implants

Cost of Dental Implants

Prospective dental implant patients often perceive the treatment as costly, however the investment pays lifelong dividends. People rarely challenge the expense of a vehicle for transportation that performs perfectly only short term.  Dental implant therapy is an investment in self that enhances the quality of life and provides peace of mind for decades, rarely requiring repairs.

The upfront investment of a well-engineered implant prosthesis is easily justified.

The combination of precision materials manufactured with uncompromising sterility and the attention to detail by both dental specialists and high tech robots underscore inherent value in dental implant treatment.

Unlike dentures that are one step from “off the shelf,” dental implant protocols actually are rocket science. Part of the cost of dental implants goes into the titanium hardware that is manufactured with the highest technological sophistication, each tiny part packaged individually to ensure sterility.

In the hands of the doctor, the surgical technology is equally pristine, as the implants require skilled strategic placement in order to accept a bio-medically engineered prosthetic tooth or teeth that will function as well as natural teeth in the mouth.



Next come the esthetics, in which a team of laboratory artisans blends science and well- trained eyes to fabricate a smile that sparkles with natural light.  The initial stages are dependent upon computers and machines but the finishing is among the most elaborate handwork in the world and requires meticulous attention to detail, as layer by layer is custom shaded, unique for each patient.

Pi Dental Center®’s Care Commitment

Pi Dental Center is fundamentally opposed to the use of inferior or substandard materials to lower the cost of dental implant procedures.  We are committed to:

  • Immediacy
  • Quality
  • Appearance
  • Convenience
  • Durability

The product delivered by the Pi Dental Center contributes significantly to whole body wellness, healthy digestion, heart health, self-confidence,charm, and anti-aging.  For the most discerning patients, these things are priceless.

Pi Dental Center serves patients across the Philadelphia, Wayne and Bryn Mawr areas as well as surrounding states and counties.

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